Flame Out.

Gray clouds hang low, Dark smiles follow, Hush tones all around, Lips moving without a sound, Faces sunken beneath shoulders, Hearts crushed between boulders, Tears staining safe faces, Fingers crossed woven in laces, Spirits drowned deep in denial, For hearts taken a bow, it was final, Angels here deserve all the heaven, For those souls,here, … More Flame Out.


Loving you was easy, Since I already loved the sound, Of your voice especially after work, When the day had worked us up Loving you came to me gently, It started with little kisses, Then the long conversations about Mars, finally was the cuddle and stare down . Loving you took me over, It made … More Unguarded

Hard to Love.

Yet again she feels the stab, Not the knife into the flesh, But the big ugly scab, That’s she feels is now so fresh, She didn’t deserve the ache, She didn’t wish for pain, But all for his sanity sake, She walked through the rain, Drenched all the way to save him, From a storm … More Hard to Love.

Once again.

Here we are again, Just me and you, Standing out here by the rain, Not knowing what to do, But I know what to say, Come close, let me share , As it’s taken me more than a day, Hear me out and know that I care, I would want a chance to be your … More Once again.

We Used To…

You used to call me on my cell phone, Now the distance has you torn, Almost as if we in different time zones, Now I feel like am all alone, Separated by a sea like Africa’s horn, I wish I could play the saxophone, So you could feel the blue, Know my feelings were true, … More We Used To…

A miss

Something is a miss, And a soul is trapped, Dreams were more than this, Chocked, growths snapped, Blooming buds dried, Growth stunted, Brain cells fried, Positive vibes wanted, Negative vibes fronted, Love needed by all, Blackouts so very granted Worries, pains causing a fall, Stresses felt in stretches, Dripping through miles Agonies seen through sketches, … More A miss